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Growth and potential is what we recognize in all of our campers. Each unique camper has something special, unique, and vital to contribute to the camp community. We provide an ideal setting for camp leaders to assist our campers in developing their self-confidence and team building skills in a welcoming atmosphere.

At Catalyst Camps, we are 100% unplugged – no screens, no apps, no social media stress. Instead of screens, our campers play outside, create new things, and have fun and make new friends!

At Catalyst Camps, we believe all young people are competent and capable learners. Each one of our campers is encouraged to imagine, learn and grow through hands-on, active experiences of their choice. Campers will experience both spending time with a group of campers their age and time where the can free flow between activities of their choice. Our highly trained staff create caring, safe and supportive environments for all of this to happen.

Why Catalyst Camps?

  • Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, and Group Safety is priority #1.
  • Knowledgeable and responsive staff believe learning happens best through authentic and positive relationships with children.
  • Trusting relationships between our families and staff are the cornerstone of our program.